Reeds Hearing Care have some of the most highly qualified and experienced practitioners working privately in the UK

Take advantage of their knowledge and skills to ensure that you have the best hearing solution

The value of qualified advice is in the proven results of correctly supplied Hearing Aids

Here at Reeds Hearing Care we are fully qualified, with a combined experience of over 70 years, and we maintain our up to date, in depth knowledge of the latest devices to provide you with the best solution for your needs.

There are many aspects of Hearing Care and Reeds endeavors to try and provide help and advice for all of them. The first is of course the preventive measures of hearing loss i.e. hearing protection in order to minimize or protect against loud and potentially damaging noises.

Identify ear problems

The second aspect is repercussions and symptoms of hearing problems. Many people do not know how an immensely complex system the human ear is and that it is responsible for both your hearing and balance.

Problems that can affect your hearing

In order to interpret a sound the process involves not only a physical response but also neurological, as the brain attempts to decipher the information delivered from your ear. There are many problems afflicting the ear that are either neurally induced or that have neural and physical repercussions such as Tinnitus or Vertigo.

Hearing Aid upkeep

All hearing aids require some ongoing upkeep. After all they spend most of their time either behind or within your ear. They are electric and therefore require batteries, most hearing aids that are situated within the ear canal are fitted with wax guards to protect the delicate electronics inside from your ear wax. Both batteries and wax guards need replacing regularly in order to keep the hearing aid in full working order.

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